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Real Wooden Lures that really catch fish.

A blast from the past.


At Rock Creek Jig & Lure Co. we know your free time and leisure activities are important. We offer a diverse range of lures to meet the fishing interests of our customers.  Whether you are looking for top water, crank baits, spinners or jigs, Rock Creek Jig & Lure Co. can help.

Shed the stress and worry of everyday life and enjoy a fantastic time fishing. Contact Rock Creek Jig & Lure Co. today.


Our wooden lures will catch about any predatory game fish.  They are designed to create maximum sound, vibration, flash or action that induces a strike.  These lures are made of poplar wood.  After the hand carving and sanding is finished the lure is dipped in a sanding sealer that is a universal shellac base.

All lures are then painted with a white primer base coat. Next, the lure is painted with the first color of finish coat.  Next, the scale pattern, rib pattern, etc., is applied in the appropriate color. 

Last, the color for the back and eye shadow is applied.  If desired, rouge paint may be applied under the chin and around the eyes.

For protection of the paint, either a crystal clear lacquer or epoxy is applied.

The hardware can be either surface mount or eye screws with finish washers and are either nickle plated or stainless steel.

Lures may have painted, carved, 3-D or glass eyes. 

We fish with our lures and they catch fish.


All the lures listed here are handmade and will vary slightly from the photos.  No two lures are exactly alike.  Prices quoted include shipping in the United States.   Shipping overseas will be computed on actual cost basis in addition to the stated price of the lure.




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